5. Do we have to give a Security Deposit?


It is P2,500 for 30 or fewer pax, P5,000 if more than 30 but fewer than 80 pax and P10,000 for 80 or mor pax.

Security Deposit has to be paid in cash prior to check-in. It will be used to cover for any damages that could potentially be caused by the clients and their guests. Unused portion shall be returned upon check-out.

3. What is your Ingress/Egress policy?

Our catering/provider Ingress and Egress is within the time slot you book. Evening events are ideally a 22 hour event starting at 9AM to allow ample time for your providers to prepare the place. We can accommodate a 7PM start but you need to make sure and communicate with your provider if they will have enough time to setup starting at 7PM. Starting at 5PM Egress can also be approved but subject to an extra fee and acknowledgement that cleaning and caterer setup will happen simultaneously.

4. How do I reserve a time slot?

  • At least 50% of the total amount of booking is required as down payment
  • For Fri/Sat/Sun bookings, 50% of the cost for the extra pax is also required. For example if your party is for 100pax (20 pax is free, 80 is at P100 each). We need to receive the 50% of the P8,000 extra pax as well to reserve
  • We need to receive the filled and signed contract within 24 hours of receiving the down payment. The contract can be viewed and downloaded here: https://tyvoresort.com/tyvoresort-contract
  • You can pay the down payment either in person or via bank deposit to our BDO/UCPB Account
  • Please message us should you wish to deposit to our Bank Account so we can give you the account number

1. What are your ocular hours?

Our ocular hours are strictly between 5PM-7PM by appointment.

You need to send us a text message at 0927 966 5597 to secure an appointment. We will get back to you via text to confirm your appointment.

Please bear with us as you do the ocular for it is also the same time that we spruce up the place in preparation for the next guest starting at 7PM. Our Resort Manager will guide you. We just ask that you not enter places that is currently being cleaned or has already been cleaned.

We respect the privacy of our guests. Please do not visit us for an impromptu ocular or outside our ocular hours.